“Promises Prevail” Review

Clint McKinnely is looking for a wife and he takes all the potential candidates to the “Sweet Thyme Bakery”. He doesn’t so much do it for the quality of the food, but for a chance to see the owner, Jenna Hennesey. Several months before he saved her from a burning building because the thought of her death was too much to bear. Her abusive husband died in the fire, but Clint can’t bring himself to think of a future with Jenna, feeling unworthy of her innocence and kindness.

Circumstances render his reservations moot. Jenna becomes attached to a baby girl left on her doorstep and the only way to keep her is to find a husband. Clint can’t stand the idea of another man in her life, nor does he trust Jenna’s naiveté to pick a good candidate on her own.

As husband and wife, Clint learns of the true extent of the abuse Jenna has suffered in her life, not only from her dead husband but from her father also. Slowly, but surely he earns her trust by showing her respect, consideration, and possessiveness. He also introduces her to pleasure. Her late husband had turned their marital bed into another venue of torture and humiliation.

“Promises Prevail” is the third book in Sarah McCarty’s “Promises” series. It follows the formula of the first two: a gorgeous man with an edge falls hopelessly in love/lust with a woman that for some reason or other considers herself damaged goods. He fights to consider himself worthy of the woman’s innocence and trust and she struggles to truly believe that this extraordinary man actually loves her, warts and all. The gorgeous man uses his impressive body and large bag of sexual tricks to convince her, of course.

The novel’s well written. I don’t know if the historical details are accurate. They don’t matter much, though. Clint and Jenna spend a lot of time speaking about, preparing for, and actually having sex.

Since Jenna has a hard time giving her trust and doesn’t feel worthy of love, and Clint is a man of few words that can’t possibly believe that someone as sweet and loving as Jenna has feelings for him, the love scenes are the scenario where they both let the pleasure run the show and tear down their inner walls. The scenes are not only erotic but also highly emotional. The fact that there’s so much happening probably explains why some of them are really long; enjoyably so.

Write to you soon.

S.B. Gabriel

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