About S.B. Gabriel


My name is S.B. Gabriel. Thanks for visiting my website.

At “S. B. Gabriel-Romance Erotica”  you’ll find my blog where I talk about erotic romance novels that I’ve read and liked. You’ll also find the e-books I’ve published.

If you actually end up reading some of the romance books and authors I mention and find that you like them too, that’s great. If, on the other hand, you don’t like them, at the least you’ll be on the right track to finding the breed of romance novel that revs your little gray cells (and other body parts).

Personally, I love discovering different degrees of tenderness, protectiveness, longing, and desire in the erotic romance authors I read. What I love most is how these emotions surface more intensely and vividly when the main characters are in the mists of pleasure.

Why Erotic Romance?

The erotic romance genre is booming. That a lot of it happens on the Internet and comes in inexpensive e-books has helped it grow. That’s great for both readers and writers.

It’s great for readers because they have a ton of options to choose from when searching for new titles and it’s great for writers of erotic romance novels because they have a variety of places to go for research, interaction, and publishing.

I’m both a reader and writer of erotic romance and have my own ideas about the impact of the genre in those who enjoy it.

Ever since I can remember my writings have always revolved around a  love story, but the more I wrote the more the sensuality of the relationships came to be central to the narration. I was sort of dismayed because my stories didn’t resemble the traditional chaste love stories that became best sellers.

The surge of ero-rom opened up a space I could relate to, both as a reader and a writer looking to be published.

As a reader, the key to discovering titles you can enjoy, is finding an author you like and branching out to finding other authors that explore the same themes or belong to the same sub-category. Trying some new authors outside those possibilities and finding what you don’t like also helps.

The idea is to have as many great, enjoyable reads as your time and wallet can muster.

As a writer I’m learning from all the titles I read and I’m slowly but surely at publishing my own.

Again, welcome!

Write to you soon.

S.B. Gabriel